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Fostercat Mille
My little lady Elsa.
Mille enjoying life.
Kalmar castle, Sweden 23 Aug 2012

Kalmar castle, Sweden 23 Aug 2012

I’m back…

well sorry I’ve been absent… have been a little to much to handle the past days and weeks. Still don’t know what the fuck it it with my hands, elbows, knees and so on. My blood tests for Rheumatism showed nothing…and the doctors rather ignore that I have the same problem in my legs as in my arms saying it’s probably Carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists and elbows on both side. yeah what about my legs? Any way, I’m having some wrist gloves now that makes almost anything impossible to do as I cant move my wrists. I got a long list of things I’m not allowed to do for three months, the list included : NO PAINTING OR DRAWING!… This will be some pretty hard months. My progress in life have been thrown back to zero once again. 

Oh, I also have to sleep with some ugly painful elbow bandages that reduce my already lacking good sleep to nonexistent, each day I wake up more fatigue than the last. 




Visited the doctor…

yesterday. Some days of waiting for the test results ahead of me…I’m frustrated as shit at the moment. Well another day ahead of me…

Kalmar castle in Sweden (photo taken by me)


Spent last evening playing this game I am sort of addicted to, it so damn hard to beat it with only three players and not being anledning to choose character. The game is superb, but the rulebook is a mess. Any way, Arkham Horror is realy worth the time it takes to play…even if we lose. :)